COVID Flexible Loan Solution To Support Businesses

Lenders are deploying millions in supporting SME’s to recover and set up for success in the “new normal” future with a new product whereby repayment is only made as a business’ sales occur.

COVID Flexible Business Loans are now available to support Australian businesses in their efforts to recover and thrive post COVID with minimal impact to their cash flow. This slution allows SMEs to make repayments of the capital provided based on a % of their sales, eliminating the concern of business recovery levels to make debt repayments.

With government support measures such as JobKeeper and Retail and Other Commercial Leases ending by 28th March, it will be imperative for small businesses to access working capital as they continue to rebuild and invest in the future growth of their business.

A COVID Flexible Loan is an adaptable, short-term finance solution designed to give business owners peace of mind during such uncertain times as they are not committed to any fixed monthly repayments.  Instead, with this unique financing offer, repayments are based on a % of the businesses’ future sales, so it remains consistent with what the business is turning over.

Many businesses are in a precarious predicament where they need access to working capital but are cautious about committing to a loan with fixed repayments if your turnover is impacted in the future. This new financial offer for the Australian market makes business recovery a priority. The lender ONLY gets paid when the business gets paid by their customers. A variant of this product has been mainstream in the US for nearly twenty years and has not been widely introduced to the Australian SME market until now.

A COVID Flexible solution is available to all businesses who accept EFTPOS, debit and credit card payments from their customers.

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