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Sorting out business finance used to be far from simple. It was a drawn-out process involving lots of form-filling, and there were a limited number of finance options actually available for businesses.

Getting business finance used to be painful.

That’s where My Biz Helpline comes in. Our founders noticed the issues customers were having and believed they could offer people a better way to fund their businesses. An online application process was created to make it easier for businesses to find an option that suited their needs. By removing lots of the manual tasks, sorting our business finance soon became much simpler!

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From day one, our mission has been to put Australian Businesses in touch with not only the best but the most suitable business finance companies. With small businesses and career diversity on the rise, it makes more sense than ever to to use unsecured funding to grow your business.

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Dive into some of our latest blog posts to see what we’ve been sharing with the nation on all things small business.

COVID Flexible Loan Solution

COVID Flexible Business Loans are now available to support Australian businesses in their efforts to recover and thrive post COVID with minimal impact to their cash flow. This solution allows SMEs to make repayments of the capital provided based on a % of their sales, eliminating the concern of business recovery levels to make debt repayments.

Business Loans for Cafes and Deli's

Consumer tastes can be fickle. Today’s local hit cafe or deli can be next month’s memory as customers move to whatever is new. That means cafes and delis need to keep an eye on changing trends, keep their decor appealing as well as ensuring all their equipment is well maintained and staff are paid on time – an important issue in the hospitality industry

Top 5 Tip for Construction and Trade Business

Maintaining a small business in the construction and trade industry is challenging enough without the difficulties presented by COVID-19. Whilst these challenges are expected to be eased out in 2021, it still serves an important lesson for businesses: Continuously planning and preparing for the future.

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